Social Work

As a trained and experienced social worker, I use this approach when clients need an holistic assessment and approach to intervention. I have developed a model that is adapted to individual needs.

ISSC therapists or GPs often ask me how a Social Worker can assist with their client or patient. Below are some examples of how I can work in with you – feel free to phone to talk about any other need you may have:

  • motivational interviewing to increase client participation in community and exercise (I do a lot of behaviour activation work and behavioural goals to complement client’s work with therapists)
  • advocacy for WINZ, ACC, housing and health appointments
  • psychoeducation around client’s health needs
  • budgeting
  • preparing to get back to work
  • pain management strategies
  • ACT model for committed action for goal setting, planning, skill training and formal exposure. (Counselling skills allow a highly therapeutic approach to social work interventions; trained in ACT for Trauma).

My social work background allows a  well-rounded knowledge base of other resources in the community and health sector, enabling me to link people or make referrals to such agencies.

I have a good knowledge about base of care and protection issues, mental health, family harm and systemic dynamics – offering a client-centred approach.