Social Work

As a trained and experienced social worker, I use this approach when clients need an holistic assessment and approach to intervention. I have developed a model that is adapted to individual needs.

ISSC therapists or GPs often ask me how a Social Worker can assist with their client or patient. Below are some examples of how I can work in with you – feel free to phone to talk about any other need you may have:

  • motivational interviewing to increase client participation in community and exercise (I do a lot of behaviour activation work and behavioural goals to complement client’s work with therapists; having a background in counselling, allows me to scaffold on the work you may be doing with your ISSC therapist)
  • health literacy and support for medical appointments
  • draw on experience in Adventure Therapy to connect people in to activities in the outdoors doing activities
  • advocacy for WINZ, ACC, housing and health appointments
  • psychoeducation around client’s health needs
  • budgeting
  • preparing to get back to work
  • affect regulation training
  • weekly planners for building up routines
  • pain management strategies
  • ACT model for committed action for goal setting, planning, skill training and formal exposure. (Counselling skills allow a highly therapeutic approach to social work interventions; trained in ACT for Trauma).

I have a growing interest in somatics and the use of movement in social work interventions. In the last few years, in particular doing ACC contracts, I have grown my practice to work largely in behavioural activation work, using the outdoors and the community as a medium to connect people. This is also a place to practice coping strategies/breathing techniques, graded exposure, scaffold on concepts clients have learnt in therapy (I interweave knowledge from my counselling training in order to do this). If you are an ACC client, such goals for doing this work, would be set in collaboration with your therapist.

I have completed 20hours Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga training, and currently building on my professional development in the area of somatic work.

My social work background allows a  well-rounded knowledge base of other resources in the community and health sector, enabling me to link people or make referrals to such agencies. Although I’ve been in private practice part time over  15 years, last 5 years has been primarily ISSC ACC.

I have a good knowledge about base of care and protection issues, mental health, family harm and systemic dynamics – offering a client-centred approach.